Fumi [Who-me] Nagasaki-Pracel, is offering Montessori students a high quality lunch service focusing on local, organic and healthy foods. Monday through Thursday students can order an individual lunch, either a 'bento' box or sandwich. Parents or guardians will have a choice of menus and will contract directly with Fumi

Lunches will be freshly prepared in a health department certified kitchen and delivered daily to each school building. Recyclable containers and packaging will be used to the extent possible. Monthly menus will be provided to families and orders will be taken on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Parents or guardians will make payments directly to Fumi. For those students ordering bento boxes chopsticks will be provided. At the start of the school year, Fumi will offer lessons in the use of chopsticks

The Menu

Menu objectives:
  • Organic ingredients from local farmers where possible
  • Nutritious balanced food
  • Flavors from all over the world
  • Vegetarian options
  • Accommodate individual needs wherever possible
  • Meet all school and health department food policies
Menu options:

Sandwich with Fruit or Vegetable
  • Chicken, beef or turkey or vegetarian substitute seitan, tempeh, or hummus
  • Vegetable (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sprouts, spinach, pepper, etc)
  • Sauce (homemade mayonnaise, dressing, etc)
  • Locally baked bread (whole wheat, rye, pita, tortilla, etc)
  • Container of fresh fruits or vegetables
Bento Box
  • Rice with furikake rice seasoning or pickled vegetable
  • Chicken, beef, turkey, fish or vegetarian substitute seitan, tempeh, or baked tofu
  • Vegetables and fruit
Cost per week (M-Th)*
  • Sandwich Lunch - $15 per week including tax
    ($4.50/day if not ordered as part of a weekly plan)
  • Bento Box Lunch - $19.50 per week including tax
    ($5.50/day if not ordered as part of a weekly plan)
  • Meal plans will be prorated when school is not in session or if a student is ill and notice is given
* Fridays will not be available in order not to interfere with the Friday pizza tradition.

The Montessori Tradition:
“In her pedagogy, Maria Montessori recognized the important role of a 'non-toxic diet' played in the educational development of the child. Over ninety years later, we see that the threat of a 'toxic' diet is an even greater concern than it was in Dr. Montessori's day. Nowhere is it more apparent than at lunchtime…. In the last few decades we have seen studies showing the effects a poor diet has on behavior and learning. And since a healthy, well nourished brain is one of the first essentials for learning, it is important for parents to send children to school with a lunch that is filled with fresh, wholesome, 'non-toxic' foods.” Source: Pelstring, Tammy. “Lunch and Learning.” Tomorrow's Child. Spring 2006.